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Why are my macros different?
Why are my macros different?

Macrostax offers new and improved formulas to help you hit your goals!

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You may have signed into the new Macrostax app and noticed that your macro targets are slightly different from the previous web app. We have improved our macro plan algorithm - making your macros even more custom than they were - and you could be seeing this change for several reasons.

Your Activity Level has changed

In our previous web app, Activity Levels were broken down into Little-to-None, Mild, Moderate, High and Extreme. Based on customer feedback we have added a new Activity Level and now support Levels 1-6. When you downloaded the new Macrostax native app we transitioned you to the closest Activity Level based on your previous app settings.

If you're unsure if your current Activity Level is accurate, we highly recommend taking the Activity Level Quiz to make sure you're set up for success. Our coaches are available in StaxChat if you want to review your Activity Level with them as well!

Your Goal has changed

You may have noticed that we now have 4 goals instead of 3. Previously, our goals were Fat Loss, with phases 1-3, Muscle Gain with phases 1-3, and Maintenance with phases 1-4. Maintenance phases 1-3 were actually used for reverse dieting. Again, based on user feedback we have updated this.

Fat Loss

Our Fat Loss goal has not changed and has phases 1-3. Just as before, the goal is to stay at phase 1 for as long as possible, but at least 4 weeks of consistency before making any adjustments. With each phase, your calories will be reduced for a higher deficit to help you continue to see progress should you plateau at the previous phase. If you're unsure whether you should move phases, we recommend reaching out to StaxChat for guidance.

Muscle Gain

Our Muscle Gain goal has not changed and still has phases 1-3. The goal with muscle gain is to increase mass, with an emphasis on muscle. Similar to Fat Loss, the idea is to stay at Phase 1 as long as you're seeing progress. If you are not seeing progress or stop seeing progress, the next step is to move to the next phase. If you're unsure whether you should move phases, we recommend reaching out to StaxChat for guidance.


Our Maintenance plan now only has 1 phase. Maintenance should be used when you are trying to maintain your current weight, but would like to continue to change your body composition. If you were previously on Maintenance phase 3 or 4, you have been moved to Maintenance in the new app. If you were at the end of a reverse diet prior to switching to our new app, we recommend moving to your goal - whether it is Fat Loss, Muscle Gain or staying at Maintenance. If you would like further guidance, please reach out to StaxChat.

Reverse Dieting

Reverse Dieting is now its own goal and only has 1 phase. Reverse Dieting is only used for Macrostaxers who are coming from another diet that is low calorie or restrictive. If you were in Maintenance Phase 1 prior to switching to the new app, you have been moved to Reverse Dieting. We recommend staying on Reverse Dieting for a max of 4-6 weeks before moving onto your true goal - whether it's Maintenance, Fat Loss or Muscle Gain. If you were in Maintenance Phase 2 prior to switching to the new app, your previous macros were closer to Fat Loss Phase 1, so your goal has been updated to that.

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