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Look back at what you've accomplished!
Look back at what you've accomplished!

How has your lifestyle changed? What habits have you been able to build to live the life you want and still reach your goals?

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Though many people believe that looking back at the past is a negative, we believe that looking back on how we have changed our lifestyle and adjusted our goals can help propel us forward. We can learn from our past mistakes and goals and learn to make new and better ones!

Here are a few ways that looking back can help you set in motion new goals for the future:

  • Have you had some disappointments along the journey? Yes, looking back at our disappointments is not always easy but we encourage you to learn from them. Did you have more cheat days than you anticipated? Did you struggle with weekend tracking? Too many social events over the summer or holiday season consistently made you feel like your progress was derailed? Knowing and understanding these road blocks helps us to better plan in the future and push us towards our success.

  • What are you current successes? So many of us fall into the rabbit hole of being so focused on the present and continuing to get better, that we forget about the results we have already achieved. Maybe you haven't reached your goal yet and that's ok. But what has improved since you started your journey? Let's say you PR'd your mile time by 10 seconds. It's easy to tell ourselves that we wanted 15 seconds, but we encourage you to step back and remember that a PR is a PR. Have you seen an improvement in health markers or blood work? Is your family noticing positive changes in your overall mood? Are you feeling more productive at work? Did someone compliment you? Maybe you choose a grilled protein over fried when eating out now!

  • Look back at your past goals. Do those goals still apply? Maybe it's time to make new goals or adjust those goals. How have those past goals changed your life?

We all have accomplishments we should be proud of. Looking back at what we have accomplished, and taking a moment to reflect on the journey can remind us of the progress we have made. If we remember the positives, we increase our self-worth and boost our motivation to accomplish more goals!

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