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I've reached my goal! Now what?
I've reached my goal! Now what?

What should I do when I reach my goal?

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Maybe at this point you have reached your goals and you are thinking to yourself, "Now where do I go?". Maybe you have reduced your body fat to a point you feel comfortable, you have gained the muscle you were looking to add, or you improved your marathon time while maintaining your body composition. Even though you reached your current goal, we can always set new goals and keep progressing!

It's important to ask yourself what the next step in your journey looks like. If you have reached your fat loss goal: are you overall satisfied with your weight but want to continue to work on body composition? Are you interested in building some muscle? Are you wanting to work towards a race or a competition?

If you've increased your muscle mass: are you overall satisfied with your progress? Are you thinking about following up your muscle building gain with a fat loss phase, or as some refer to it, a "cut?" Or are you ready to progress through the muscle building phase even more?

Luckily we have phases to support you in all of those goals!

Fat Loss Phase 1

You will be eating at a deficit--so you will see fat loss--but the intake is still high enough that you will be able to maintain--or even gain--some lean muscle mass in the process too!


Maintenance is great for people who are overall satisfied with their weight but wanting to continue to alter their body composition slowly. You’ll be eating at an appropriate caloric amount to fuel and sustain your workouts while “swapping” fat for muscle in order to get that lean look. Because you’re not losing or gaining weight at this phase (aside from normal daily fluctuations), progress is a bit slower.

Gain Phase 1

Many people get worried about the increase calories of Gain Phase 1 but find that this can be a great phase to work on building muscle. The calories are slightly higher than those of our Maintenance plan, but the macro ratios are different, in order to support optimal body composition during your gain.

We encourage you to check in with your current goals, check in with your current progress and see what adjustments work best for your lifestyle. If you haven't reached your goals yet, that is ok! At Macrostax we believe slow and steady wins the race. After looking at the options above, if you still are unsure what is the best option for you, reach out to our coaches in StaxChat for help.

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