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Progress comes in many forms!
Progress comes in many forms!

Progress isn't defined solely by the scale or your measurements.

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Many of us concentrate solely on a number, especially the scale, when looking at progress. It's important to remember that progress comes in many different forms and using more than one means of measuring success throughout your journey is important!


Within the app, we allow for three types of progress tracking - entering your weight, measurements and body fat. These are all great when used together as a whole, but using just one isn't always ideal as they will often not move together linearly. Your weight may go up while your measurements go down. Or maybe your weight isn't changing, but your pictures look better and you can see more definition. It's important to look at your changes as a whole rather than individually!

Everyday Life

You can see progress in your everyday life as well! Maybe you don't get as out of breath after walking up a few flights of stairs! Or you were able to open that pickle jar without having to use the magic jar opener (or your significant other). Bringing in groceries has never been easier because they don't feel as heavy and you can carry more bags at one time. You might find yourself in a better mood more often than not and have an improved outlook on life (your friends notice too!).


Sleeping better and feeling less stress are great benefits to counting macros and certainly two of our favorite indicators of progress! Maybe you've been tracking a certain medical marker with your health care practitioner, like cholesterol, and you've seen that go down over time with your improved eating habits.


You were able to accomplish a goal that you've been working on! Whether it's your first push up, pull up or muscle up - it's so exciting when you're able to see all your hard work pay off! Has your running pace gotten faster? Maybe you signed up for your first ever obstacle course race! Did your 1 rep max back squat become your 3 rep max? Workouts of all types are a great way to track progress. Yes, there will likely still be days that don't feel up to snuff, but it's the overall picture you're looking at!

No matter what or how you are tracking, looking at the big picture of how all of these things are working together - metrics, everyday life, health and workouts can help you see that there has been progress when it feels otherwise.

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