What's your why?

What drives you to reach your goals? Why are these goals important to you?

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When we think of weight loss, muscle gain or boosting performance we tend to focus on the "how." How quickly can I lose weight? How quickly can I build muscle? How much faster can I get if I change my diet? How come everyone else seems to be seeing progress faster than me? The fitness industry spends a significant amount of time focusing on the "how," but often times the "why" is left behind. The "why" is what drives those goals. It continues to keep us focused on making healthy decisions day after day and getting our feet moving. The "why" is what drives the purpose for WHY you are making these decisions!

The "why" helps us to shift the perception of ourselves. When your "why" is strong, it drives the passion, the soul and the purpose to create real change. Creating real change prevents us from comparing ourselves to others or looking for the quick fix. You are in it for the long haul, understanding that reaching your goals takes time, patience and dedication- as well as loving yourself for you who are along the way.

Finding a strong "why" takes thought and time. Is it sustainable? Is it strong enough to keep you on the healthy path when temptation is around you, when everyone around you seems to be on the opposite path? When determining your "why" it's important to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What matters most to you in life?

  • Are you intensely passionate about this goal?

  • Why is getting to that goal important to you? Would you feel like a failure if you didn't get there? Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get there?

  • How does eating healthy and following a plan help or hinder what matters most to you?

  • How does eating healthy and being active benefit my life long term?

  • What does that number on the scale mean to you?

  • Are you doing this for yourself or for someone else?

It's very common for someone's "why" to be a specific weight loss number. It's important to ask yourself, what does that number mean to you? Why is that number so important to you? Is that number realistic? If you get to that number, will you be sacrificing other parts of your life you want to enjoy?

German Philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, "He who has a why can endure any how." Determining the appropriate "why" for you will help you to find the courage to jump into your nutrition plan, stay motivated, and find more joy and happiness in how you feel overall.


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