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Why do we have so many carbs and how do I fill them?
Why do we have so many carbs and how do I fill them?

Carbs come in many shapes and sizes and are beneficial to your body!

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The reason we recommend higher carbs rather than a low carb approach, is because carbs (which our bodies convert to glucose) are the body's preferred and most efficient fuel source. In order to use fat as energy, our body has to convert stored fat to ketones, which takes extra time and effort in comparison to carbs.

We also incorporate some elements of a carb cycling philosophy, although we do it in a way that makes it safe and sustainable long-term! The basic concept of “carb cycling” is varying carb intake on a set schedule over time. A really strict carb cycling approach is generally only appropriate for high-level endurance athletes or physique competitors, and may not be the best fit for everyone. But we do recognize the benefits of changing up carb intake in a feasible way! Here’s how we do it:

  • Workout days: higher carbs, to fuel your body with readily available energy to optimize performance

  • Rest days: moderate carbs, enough to support your recovery but no more than you need

  • Refeed days: highest carbs, to help replenish muscle glycogen and give your metabolism (and appetite!) a breather.

Eating a wide variety of carbs is best. But if you are having a hard time meeting your carbs already, it might be helpful to include denser sources of carbs so you meet your totals without feeling too full. We've listed some examples below of where you might find some carbs to help you fill your day!


  • bananas

  • apples

  • oranges

  • berries

  • pineapple

  • cherries

  • melons


  • leafy greens

  • carrots

  • squash

  • peppers

  • broccoli

  • cauliflower

  • potatoes

  • corn

Whole Grains

  • rice

  • oats

  • quinoa

  • cous cous

  • barley

  • bulgur wheat

  • farro

  • millet

Packaged Options

  • pasta

  • bread

  • baked goods

  • tortillas and wraps

  • crackers

  • popcorn

  • granola

  • oat bars

  • cereals

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