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What to Expect When you Start Macrostax
What to Expect When you Start Macrostax

We put together some common experiences that our new Macrostaxers encounter to help prepare you for your journey!

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Whether your goal is maintenance, fat loss, or muscle gain, your body will most likely need to adjust to the Macrostax way of fueling. This adjustment can look different for everyone, but we do tend to see some similarities among our new Macrostaxers when they first start out. To prepare you for your journey we put together a list of some of the common changes and experiences that you can expect to see within the first 4-6 weeks of the program. You may see some changes that aren't on this list, and that is ok! Remember that each body responds in its own way.

  1. Some initial weight gain

  2. Bloating

  3. Increased energy

  4. Questioning whether this is right for you because of the increased intake

  5. Getting out of the “dieting” mindset and making nutrition a lifestyle choice

  6. Receiving positive comments from friends and family before you see it yourself

  7. Getting PRs in the gym

  8. Sleeping better

  9. Hunger fluctuations or feeling overly stuffed

  10. Having friends and family not understand what you’re doing and why

These are some of our common newbie experiences and we want you to know that if you do come across any of these that you are NOT alone! We are here to help every step of the way and are here to support you even if others are not.

You’ve got this!

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