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Who are the Macrostax coaches and how can they help you reach your goal?

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What is a Macrostax Nutrition Coach?

Your Macrostax Nutrition Coach is your guide through the Macrostax program. We are here to support you, celebrate with you when you crush your green thumbs, and be your shoulder when things may not be going as well as you’d like. We are your biggest cheerleader and want to see you succeed! Do you need us to check in with you once a week? We can do that! Need to send us your green thumbs daily so you can stay accountable? We’ve got your back! Each of you needs something different and it is up to you to let us know what that means for you. Our goal is to help you rock this lifestyle change, but, that only happens if you are willing to let us!

What does my coach need from me to help me be successful?

The biggest thing that we need from you is, communication! Without it, we are left guessing and unable to give you the support you need, so we must be in the loop! We don’t have to chat every day, but we find that the most successful Macrostaxers are those that utilize us when things get tough and when things are going well. We are there if you need a quick boost of confidence or if you need to walk through a new approach, all you have to do is start the conversation!

What can my nutrition coach do?

We are here for you every step of the way, no matter what phase you are in. Setting you up for success is our biggest goal and here are some ways that we can support you through this program:

  • Provide tips on planning your day or week

  • Set up weekly check-ins to keep you accountable

  • Check your food log and make suggestions on how to hit your green thumbs

  • Provide you with nutrition education and help you debunk common myths

  • Help make sure that you are using the right settings for your goal and activity level

  • Support you in moving between phases of the program

  • Help you create action plans to change your habits and reach your goals

What can my nutrition coach NOT do?

As nutrition coaches, there are a few things that fall outside of our scope of practice. While we try to help as much as we can, inevitably we can’t help with everything. Some of the things that we won’t be able to support you with are:

  • Changing your macros for any reason including medical reasons (if you have specific macros from another coach or doctor, we can change those for you but we cannot advise on them)

  • Creating a meal plan

  • Providing you with an exercise plan

  • Diagnosing any type of medical disorder or suggesting nutritional treatments for any you currently have

  • Making nutritional suggestions outside of what a healthcare provider has given you

Tips for success when starting Macrostax

  1. Know your why. We know that changing your habits and the way you eat is incredibly hard, but we also know that with the right motivation and support that it can be done - we’ve seen it! We have found that the best motivation comes from within and in order to get there, you have to know your why. Why did you start Macrostax? What made you decide that now is the time? Write it down, and keep it close! Share it with us so we can be there to remind you when you need it most.

  2. Be consistent. Consistency is truly the bread and butter of success when it comes to any lifestyle change and Macrostax is no different. Be as consistent as you can! The green thumbs are there to hold you accountable and help you celebrate so aim to hit them every day.

  3. Plan, plan, plan. Did we mention plan? When it comes to counting macros, having a solid plan going into your day, week, even your lunch can really be the difference between failure and success. If you are adding things into your food log as you go without knowing what you are having later in the day you are setting yourself up to miss hitting your targets and failing to be consistent. This can ultimately mean not seeing progress so plan ahead as much as possible.

  4. Use your coaches! We are here to help and have all been exactly where you are. Each one of us has used Macrostax and gone through our own health journey so use our knowledge to your advantage!

  5. Don’t be afraid of failure. There are always going to be ups and downs on any path you choose, so embrace them! The scale may not be moving in exactly the way you want it to, but that’s ok. Brush yourself off, give yourself some grace and jump back in. You may have a day here or there where you indulge and go way over your targets, but guess what, that’s ok! It isn’t the end of the road for your journey, so don’t let it be.

You’ve got this!

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