Great question! You can track your food cooked or raw, it's really whichever way you prefer. The app will actually have options for cooked or raw foods! Typically the generic items are cooked. For example the app has raw chicken breast uncooked and chicken breast for cooked 😊. If you look for things like raw, uncooked, or dry they'll denote foods that are raw with a couple of exceptions that I'll go into.

Here you can see that the database will pull up multiple options for chicken and you can weigh your food for which option you want.

When you are doing things like pasta or rice you can follow the nutrition label on the box and those are almost always for the dry or uncooked weight. If you want to use our database you'll see here with rice that the cooked option just says 'rice' but you can search for the raw version. In this case it's listed as 'uncooked' but sometimes with pasta you'll also see it listed as 'raw' or 'dry'

You can do the same thing with vegetables! In this example I wanted to show off how spinach works. Spinach is going to pull up the option for cooked spinach where raw spinach will pull up the uncooked option! You can see here I search for 'fresh' which is a common word for raw vegetables and the app knew what I was looking for! One exception here is something like sweet potatoes. When you search for sweet potato you'll see a photo of a raw sweet potato. If you want the cooked version there is an entry for baked sweet potato. 😊

Finally I wanted to go over a couple of bonus tips!

If you aren't sure if what you are looking at is cooked or raw you can actually search for cooked! In this case I looked up 'Cooked Spinach' so I know for sure. If you look at the macros for 'spinach' from the last photo and 'cooked spinach' in this photo they have the same macros. 😊 That's because typically the generic item is cooked.

One exception here is going to be when I'm looking up something like ground beef. Here I search for 'ground chuck' and the results I got are raw options, you can also see ground chicken below it that is raw as well. You'll see raw meat in the picture which helps make the distinction.

I know that was a lot of information but I hope it helps! Our database is quite extensive with over 900,000 verified entries so I wanted to make sure you know how to use it to it's full potential! As always if you run into any questions you can reach out to StaxChat and we'll get you squared away.

Please let me know if you need anything else!

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