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I keep going over my macros. Any advice?
I keep going over my macros. Any advice?
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Hitting your daily macro targets accurately is the most important part of the program! We advise being within +/- 5 grams of any of the 3 macronutrients, which the app will account for. If you keep going over because you are hungry, you may want to look at eating more high-volume, low-density foods.

For carbs, these types of foods include fresh vegetables and fruit. They will help you create larger and more filling meals without taking up too many of your carb macros for the day. For protein, try cutting back on the serving amounts you are eating. For example, 6 ounces might seem like a normal size portion on your plate, but in reality that’s double a typical serving size of 3 ounces. Fat can be an easy one to go over on as well, since it is hidden in a lot of the foods we typically eat. First, try eliminating the highest fat sources you have logged. Avocados, nuts, nut butters, and oils have large amounts of fat, but are small in volume. This means you’re using up a lot of your fats, but not feeling full in return. Focus on meeting your carb and protein numbers first, and then add fats in afterwards since they will be easier to fill. This should help you not go over so quickly when you are still feeling hungry!

The best way to keep yourself honest and prepared for your day so you are less likely to go over your macros is to plan ahead! When your day is laid out and your numbers hit you will be more likely to stick with it and not deviate from your plan.

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