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Will eating this much actually help me lose weight?
Will eating this much actually help me lose weight?
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We get this question a lot! The numbers are real, we promise! More often than not, people underestimate the amount of food their bodies need, which has probably caused a plateau that seems impossible to break through. While it may seem counterintuitive to eat more in order to lose weight, lowering your calories isn’t doing the trick, right?

Most fad diets put you at large caloric deficits which is great for short-term weight loss, and that weight is a combination of water, fat, and muscle. After a while this stops working because your body can’t keep up. When we undereat, our bodies switch to survival mode since it’s unsure where or when our next meal will come from. As a result, our bodies will conserve as much energy as possible by storing fat. It won’t store muscle, because muscle requires more energy at rest than fat. So fat provides the most sustenance with the least amount of energy. Instead, muscle will be broken down to support the body’s other primary functions. We will also see a rise in cortisol, the stress hormone, which leads to leptin and insulin resistance, which also leads to unwanted fat storage. Less food also means less glucose in the bloodstream, which will affect the functioning of vital organs like your brain, heart, and liver. Less than ideal, right?

This is where Macrostax comes in. Macrostax isn’t meant to be a quick-fix diet. Our numbers are generally higher than what you will find with most free online calculators because our goal is to get your body working for you by feeding and fueling it the right way.

First, let’s understand your resting metabolic rate, commonly referred to as RMR. Your body needs a certain amount of energy in order to simply keep itself alive. Your metabolism is a combination of all the functions happening in your body at all times, and your RMR is the rate at which your body burns energy when at complete rest. That doesn’t even include exercise or just getting up and walking to your car! Your RMR consists of basic functions like respiration, circulation, cell synthesis, and digestion. RMR is affected by factors like age, gender, height, and weight, which is information Macrostax will ask you when you first sign up! For example, an athletic male in their 20’s will have a higher RMR than a mildly active female in her 50’s.

Second, let’s talk about the calories you burn while just going about your day. Ever come home from shopping at the mall and feel exhausted? Or break a sweat while doing some household chores? That’s because you’re burning calories! The simple things we do throughout the day like walking the dog, running errands, or standing at your desk also affect the amount of food we need. This amount will vary from person to person, but it is an important factor to consider when selecting your activity level in the app, to make sure it is accounted for in your macros. If you find yourself too exhausted throughout the day for simple tasks, it is a sign you could be undereating.

Last but not least, let’s talk about physical exercise and activity. This is the last component that will determine someone’s total daily expenditure, and can also vary from person to person. When selecting your activity level in the app, you’ll need to take into consideration the types of workouts you do, the intensity, the duration, and the frequency. As you can probably guess, undereating will play a large part in your gym performance and energy levels. Do you ever feel like you need to drag yourself through a workout that never ends? Or struggling to keep up with your kids? Or needing a power nap halfway through the day? More food equates to more energy. We understand that not everyone is eating for athletic performance, but eating sufficiently also means you can support and grow your lean muscle mass, and that all those squats you’re doing aren’t going to waste. Since your exercise, daily activity, and RMR all go hand in hand, it’s important to remember we need to eat enough to support all three.

Just remember that you’ve come to Macrostax because what you’re doing hasn’t been working for you. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. We want to ensure that you are losing fat the right way, and that you are able to keep it off. We have seen over 150,000 of our Macrostaxers reach success on our program, so be patient and trust the process!

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