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Why does my weight keep fluctuating?
Why does my weight keep fluctuating?
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Weight fluctuations are a completely normal part of our bodies’ day-to-day functions, from nutrition and hydration, to exercise and recovery, to sleep, and even our hormone levels. Our weight can even fluctuate up to 5 pounds in just a single day!

You can read our blog post here about the science behind some of our typical daily weight fluctuations including sodium consumption, carb intake, hydration levels, and changing hormones, or check our infographic.

Keep in mind that over the course of a few weeks, our weight can still fluctuate due to workouts (are you overtraining or on a deload week?), sleep (changes in your ghrelin and leptin hormones), stress (rise in cortisol affecting leptin and insulin resistance), and body composition (losing fat but gaining muscle). These are dynamic factors to take into consideration when looking at the number on the scale. This is why it is important to keep track of your weight trend, rather than individual weigh-ins. If you track your weight in the product section of the app, we automatically provide a trend line for you! The more you can weigh yourself, the more accurate your trend or average will be. We also highly recommend tracking measurements and photos, which can be much more revealing when it comes to seeing visible progress! For example, the number on the scale may have gone up, but you actually lost one inch off your waist. Progress comes in different forms!

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