Hitting your daily macro targets accurately and consistently is the most important part of the program! Our suggested macros per meal are just that … suggestions! They are there to guide you if you need help with balancing your meals or nutrient timing. However, you are welcome to split up your macros however you prefer. For example, if you prefer three large meals, seven small snacks, or perhaps do intermittent fasting, you can incorporate that as long as you get your green thumbs up each day.

If you do want to follow our breakdowns, they will help keep you on track throughout the day so you don’t end up with too many of one macro or too little of another for your last meal. For those looking to fine-tune their nutrition, it will also provide optimum nutrient timing including constant and even amounts of protein, higher carb / lower fat centered around activity, and lower carb / higher fat when you are sedentary.

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