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What is Custom Food?

Create foods with your own macros

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Custom Food is a user-friendly tool that lets you quick-add specific amounts of carbs, protein, and fat instead of an entire recipe. Each entry automatically saves to your personal account for future use.

There are a couple of ways that you can use this tool:

  • Are you unable to find a particular or special item food in the database but you know the nutrition info? You can enter that nutrition info here!

  • Are you cooking from scratch and don't want to create a recipe? You can calculate the macros for a single serving of your recipe and enter those here! Or if you are using a recipe that you already know the macros for - like from a blog - you can enter those here as well.

  • Do you have a favorite go-to meal you like to eat? Like an on-the-go breakfast you eat each day that consists of a latte, banana, and protein bar? Calculate the total macros for your whole meal and save it as a Custom Food so you can add it easily when meal planning for the week.

You can also delete a saved Custom Food entry at any time.

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