In your daily Food Log, you will see your activity plan for the day underneath your macros:

In this example today is a workout day with a morning workout.

You can tap the Edit button to adjust if its workout, rest or refeed day, and your macros will change accordingly. You can click here to be taken directly to this page as well.

Workout day macros should be used on any day you work out! Yes, this includes even your light days, because you have selected an activity level based on everything you do throughout the day and throughout the week. This is factored into your custom macros so it’s important to follow the plan.

You can use rest day macros when you take a day of true rest (no activity). You’ll notice that these days are lower in overall calories as well as carbs and slightly higher in fat to account for the lowered activity.

A refeed day is a strategic higher carb, lower fat day that is aimed towards “cycling” your carb intake, which helps aid in fat loss by boosting leptin levels.

Refeed days are also great for taking a mental and physical break from moderate carb intake. Resetting once a week with a few of your favorite higher-carb foods can be good for both the body and soul! They are also a perfect time to use on your harder workout days (like a double session or a longer run) since the carbs are more “in demand” on that day and will be put to the most use by going straight to your muscles! Refeeds will also help you feel satisfied throughout the week and aid in fat loss by replenishing leptin levels. Leptin is the hormone that keeps us satiated, which gets depleted while eating at a caloric deficit. Studies show that carbs increase the amount of leptin in the body.

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