The Your Progress section within your Profile will take you to our Inputs page, which contains graphs to help you track progress over time. 

We provide a few different ways to keep track : 

  • Daily Macronutrient Intake Chart: This chart will save your logged amounts for each macro (carbs, protein, and fat) on a day by day basis. You can use this to see how consistent you are in hitting your overall macros each day.
  • Weight Chart: This chart tracks your weight over time. Your actual weight in pounds will be in blue, and your trend line will be in red. The goal here is to pay attention to your trend line. Losing and gaining weight is never a strict linear process, as you can see from the spikes in the blue line. Fluctuations are a completely normal part of the process, so analyzing your progress week over week will be a bigger indicator of how the program is working rather than analyzing day by day.
  • Measurements Chart: This chart tracks the measurements of your chest, waist, and hips in inches. Use the diagram below to help you figure out where you should measure to keep it consistent. 
  • Photo Comparison: You can upload front, back, and side photos each week with this tool. The first set of photos you upload will be saved as your “First Week” photos. When you tap on the Compare button, the app will automatically show you a side-by-side of those First Week photos with your most recent photos, so you can easily see your visible progress.

Recording your measurements and photos each day will provide the most accurate data. However, if you are more comfortable measuring once a week, or at a different frequency, that’s okay too! Just make sure that you weigh, measure, and take photos under the same circumstances to keep it consistent (i.e. at the same time each morning when you wake up).

StaxTip: To remove an existing macro intake, weight, measurement, or photo, you can simply re-upload or re-enter a new input to replace the existing one.

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