In your daily Food Log, tap Edit underneath your macros to open your daily activity settings.

You will be able to adjust if it's workout, rest or refeed day, and your macros will change accordingly.

day macros should be used on any day you workout! Yes, this includes even your light days, because you have selected an activity level based on everything you do throughout the day and throughout the week. This is factored into your custom macros so it’s important to follow the plan. 

You can use rest day macros when you take a day of true rest (no activity). You’ll notice that these days are lower in overall calories as well as carbs, and slightly higher in fat to account for the lowered activity. 

A refeed day is a higher calorie day, but is strategically higher in carbs while lower in fat. It is taken just once a week and is recommended on the same day each week to keep it consistent. So if you choose Friday make sure it is always on a Friday. 

Check out the below video on how to set up your plan in the app!

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