At Macrostax we use an average of your overall activity for the week to determine your activity level setting. We use this approach to ensure that you are going into your workouts optimally fueled and ready to go. Whether it is an extremely challenging workout or one of your lighter days, when you eat at your proper activity level you are ready for anything! In determining your activity level, we want to make sure we take all the times you are “active” into account. This includes your workouts, your job, your hobbies, and your family life.

We have five activity levels to choose from in the app:

Little To No Activity: We recommend this setting for someone who leisurely walks or who is recovering from surgery for more than 2 weeks and is unable to be active.

Mild Activity: You workout 2-3 times per week for 30-60 minutes. You average less than 4 hours per week of exercise. In addition, you work a sedentary job.

Moderate Activity: You workout 4-5 times per week for 60-90 minutes. You average between 4-8 hours per week of exercise. In addition, you work a sedentary job.

High Activity: You workout 5-7 times per week for 90-120 minutes. You average between 8-14 hours per week of exercise. In addition, you work a sedentary job.

Extreme Activity: You workout 5-7 days per week for more than two hours. You average 14 hours or more per week of exercise. In addition, you work a sedentary job.

With those initial guidelines, we also want to look deeper into your work, hobbies, and additional activities to make sure they are accounted for, too! Here are a couple of examples to provide further insight:

  • Mary works out 3 days per week doing CrossFit. She works three 12 hour shifts as an ER nurse. She and her family enjoying skiing 1 day per week leisurely with their children. Though her exercise would be Mild we want to take into account that she is a nurse working on her feet for three 12 hour shifts. We would recommend Moderate activity for Mary.

  • Joe works out 5 days per week doing a combination of cardio, HIIT, and light weight training. He enjoys taking 2 mile walks at night at a leisurely pace. He has two children and likes to do yard work on the weekends. He always works 40 hours a week doing manual labor. Though his workouts would put him in Moderate activity, we would recommend High activity for Joe.

  • Heather is recovering from surgery, she has just been cleared to work out 4 days per week for 45 minutes with light weights and light cardio. Though it may seem less intense because she is recovering from surgery, she is still staying active. She is not cleared to do any activity or engage in hobbies outside of her specific training. She has a sedentary job. We would recommend Mild activity for Heather.

If you need help...ask!

It is common to want to underestimate your activity to try and lose weight faster or eat at a larger deficit in fear of our higher numbers. But, underestimating your activity level can actually have the opposite effect and cause your body to hold on to the weight. So making sure that you choose the correct activity level for what you are doing throughout the week is essential for your success on Macrostax! If you have any questions about what your activity level should be, reach out to StaxChat so we can talk you through it!

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