If you are coming from a lower-calorie program, we suggest that you first start with a reverse diet to slowly transition to the caloric intake of Fat Loss Phase 1. To do that, you'll want to go to profile and choose Maintain as your goal. The phase you start at should be closest to your previous intake (most likely Phase 1). The first thing you want to do is start to hit your target numbers and once you've done that consistently for two weeks, move on to Phase 2 and repeat until you've had two weeks at Phase 3. Then your body should be adapted and it would be fine to move to Fat Loss Phase 1.

Keep in mind, there is always an adjustment period as your body gets used to your new numbers! For those coming from lower-calorie, especially low carb, it is really common to experience some weight gain at first and a lot of weight fluctuations within the first couple of weeks. This is your body trying to get used to the new way you're feeding it. When it comes to nutrition, our bodies love consistency, so once your body establishes homeostasis, it will start leveling out and you will notice progress. And positive changes can mean more than just the scale! It also means changes in your photos, measurements, performance in the gym, or just feeling better on a daily basis.​You may still lose while you are reverse dieting so don't feel like you are missing out! We just want you to adjust to Macrostax and your new numbers as smoothly as possible!

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