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Where do I start if the calories I've been eating are lower than what Macrostax recommends?
Where do I start if the calories I've been eating are lower than what Macrostax recommends?
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If you have been following lower-calorie program for at least 3 months prior to starting Macrostax, we suggest that you first start with a reverse diet to transition to the caloric intake of Fat Loss Phase 1.

At Macrostax, we believe in eating a balanced non-restrictive diet while incorporating foods that you love to eat! If you were previously eliminating or restricting entire food groups or macros (keto would be a good example), we recommend starting off in Reverse Dieting. It can take time for your body to adapt to a significant change in macros and energy intake, and Reverse Dieting will help you smoothly transition to higher carb, higher protein Macrostax macros.

Though Reverse Dieting is most often recommended for users transitioning into Fat Loss, it can also be used to transition into Maintenance or Muscle Gain. For more information about those cases, please reach out to the coaches in Staxchat.

Where should I start?

When you first signed up for Macrostax, we may have recommended you start with Reverse Dieting based on your goals and background. If that was the case, your settings should be ready to go in your app when you log in!

You can also switch to Reverse Dieting at any time by navigating to your Profile and selecting "Goal".

When should I move to my next goal?

While on Reverse Dieting, aim to consistently hit your macro targets for a period of 2-4 weeks before progressing to your medium-term goal (Fat Loss, Maintenance or Muscle Gain).
Depending on your diet history before joining Macrostax, it may take you a week or so to adapt to the Reverse Dieting macro targets.

How do I know if Reverse Dieting is right for me?

If you're unsure of whether you should try Reverse Dieting, reach out to a nutrition coach through StaxChat in the app. They can help get you on the right path!

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