This tends to happen if you are trying to find options for your last meal of the day, or for a meal that already has some foods logged in it. What this does is create limited or an odd combination of macros to work with, resulting in fewer options. For example, if you have no fats remaining for the day, you might not see a Recipe option because most meals will have at least 1 gram of fat. You can always tab over to the Foods options from the Fill Macros screen to see what populates there if you don't get a recipe as well!

What you can do instead is remove foods or play with the serving sizes to “free” up some macros. In order for the app to be able to suggest some options for you, we want some carbs and protein, as well as at least a couple grams of fat. If you’re still stuck, use our Macro Cheat Sheet below to help you with single-macro ideas! You can also read our blog post here that will take you through a step-by-step on what to do to hit your end-of-day macros.

Feel free to check out this video tutorial from one of our nutrition coaches on how they hit their macros for a day as well!

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