Upon signing up, you have already entered information regarding your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, and goal setting, which means your custom macros are all ready to go! They are located at the top of the screen in the three circles in your daily Food Log. As you log your food below, these macros will change to show you how much you have remaining for the day. When you hit them, you’ll get three green thumbs up!

StaxTip: Remember, it is extremely important to hit your macros accurately each day. The app will account for +/- 5 grams of carbs and protein, and +/- 2 grams of fat.

When it comes to building your meals, there are few different tools and features you can use! For an in-depth guide through them check out our YouTube page!

Tools To Build Your Meals

We provide a daily breakdown of 5 meals, as well as suggested macros for each of those meals (numbers in gray), and custom macros for your pre and post workout meals. These guidelines will help you stay on track throughout the day and make sure you're getting enough of each macro at each meal! However, hitting your daily macro targets is the most important. If you prefer to break up your meals differently or eat in a different order, that’s fine as long as you still hit the three numbers by the end of the day.

To edit your daily settings, tap on the Edit button next to your daily activity.

You will have the option to select between workout, rest, or refeed day:

  • Use workout day on any day you do activity!

  • Use rest days for true rest days, or any day you are not exercising at all.

  • Refeed days, which is a strategic high-carb day, should be taken once a week, on the same day each week to keep it consistent. We recommend working out on your refeed day, but it is not mandatory.

Next, you will have the option to select between morning, afternoon, or evening workout times. Depending on your selection, your pre and post workout meals will change, as will the suggested macros that go with them (higher carb and lower fat). This ensures that you're feeding and recovering your body the right way.

Once you’re done meal building for the day, you can click Save Food from the floating purple menu and get your macros added to the Daily Macronutrient Intake Graph in the Inputs section of the app. The Inputs section is where you can enter your weight, measurements, and photos to keep track of your progress! You will enter your weight daily so that we can find your weekly average. Since daily fluctuations are normal, we recommend just focusing on your weekly average. This will help determine when to move to the next phase as well. We recommend inputting measurements and pictures once a week so you can compare those too.

Daily Weight Fluctuations

We also have an amazing Facebook Community that is there to support you through the program! Join today to connect with other like-minded Macrostaxers!

If you need any more assistance, you can speak with a nutrition coach at anytime in the StaxChat section of the app!

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