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What is Macrostax?
What is the Verified Food Database?
What is the Verified Food Database?

Search for any foods from our verified database

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Our food database is the largest on the market and has almost 1 million verified foods that include nutrition facts from larger chain restaurants like Starbucks, Panera Bread, and Chipotle. The database includes both branded and generic foods, and the best part is that all foods go through a verification process based on their nutrition labels or USDA standards. This makes our entries more accurate than other food-tracking apps which allow incorrect user-based entries to populate in their databases.

StaxTip: Search by exact names to yield the best search results! Brand names will exist underneath the food name. If there's a food you think you will use often, go ahead and tap the heart to make it a favorite!

We put together a detailed video on using the database to add to your food log that you can view here!

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