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Which plan do I choose: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Maintenance?
Which plan do I choose: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Maintenance?

Which plan is right for your goals?

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You may often hear that weight loss and weight gain come down to calories in versus calories out. This is true! In order to lose weight, you will need to eat at a caloric deficit, and to gain weight you will need to eat at a caloric surplus. However, we know some of you have more specific and personal goals in mind.

The Fat Loss option is our most popular plan. We recommend this plan not only for general weight loss (whether it’s 5 or 50+ pounds you want to lose) but also for those who want to trim some fat and gain a little bit of muscle mass, while losing weight, for a leaner look. The first phase on Fat Loss (Phase 1) is a great option for these goals because you are still eating at a deficit in order to lose weight, but the calories are high enough that you are still able to fuel your lean muscle mass the right way.

We recommend the Muscle Gain option for those who are trying to increase their overall mass, especially for strength purposes. Not only are you eating at the right surplus, but you will also be using a different macro percentage that will ensure optimal body composition during your gain!

Last but not least, Maintenance is the perfect solution for those who are happy with their overall weight but want to alter their body composition slowly. Similar to our Fat Loss phases, during Maintenance you will be able to trim fat and gain muscle, but at a much slower rate. Maintenance macro percentages will differ from Fat Loss and Muscle Gain as well. This is a great option for those who want to eat for performance because you’ll be eating at the appropriate caloric amount to not only sustain your workouts but fuel them as well.

We also know your personal goals can change throughout the year, which is why we allow for the ability to easily switch between these three options! Just click on the Profile section of the app footer to select a new plan at any time.

We made a few videos that can help guide you through setting up your plan in the app.

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