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Do you offer a group challenge for a gym setting?
Do you offer a group challenge for a gym setting?

Get members and peers involved

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Yes! Here at Macrostax, we've helped over 100 gyms host their own nutrition challenges and roll it into an ongoing nutrition program. We make nutrition as easy as possible for both you and your members.
A nutrition challenge motivates your members, increases engagement and delivers results. But it doesn't end there! After your challenge, your members will want to continue with their amazing progress.
​Macrostax Team puts you in the perfect position to roll your members into an ongoing nutrition program that will make you additional revenue each month! We have an amazing new challenge feature as part of your subscription to help you easily implement your own challenge! We've also taken our tried-and-true challenge format, and broken it down for you in a handy, how-to guide to help you be successful too!
It includes:

  • 28 page in-depth, step-by-step guide

  • 14 social posts

  • 10 weekly checklists

  • 6 email templates

  • 4 printable worksheets

  • 2 spreadsheets

  • Tips from the experts

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