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What is Macrostax?
How is your app different from other food-tracking apps?
How is your app different from other food-tracking apps?

Find out more info on what separates us from other apps.

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We have a few primary differences from other food-tracking apps: 

  • Custom Macros: We offer custom macros based on your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, and specific goal settings (like Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Maintenance). Other apps will give you numbers based on a basic metabolic rate, which tends to be too low for most people and starts you off at too large of a deficit, whereas Macrostax numbers get your body working for you.

  • Meal Builder: Macrostax offers a variety of different ways to help you build meals because we know everyone has different preferences. Our nutritionist-approved recipes have the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats so you can hit your macros day in and day out. If you prefer to input your own foods, you can use the database search or barcode scanner for access to almost 1 million verified entries. You can also use our custom feature for specialty foods not found in the database or for your own recipes. 

  • Macro Breakdowns: Our macro plans also include different macros for your workout days, rest days, and refeed days. You can easily select between these options on the same tab as your meal building. Your macros will also be broken down into five meal suggestions: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. 

  • Nutrient Timing: You can set your workout times and let the app calibrate the appropriate macros for your pre and post-workout meals for optimum performance nutrition.

  • Progression: We know achieving your personal goals isn’t going to happen overnight, so we also include progressive phases that are higher/lower in calories (depending on if you are on Fat Loss or Muscle Gain), to help you see progress over the long run. 

  • Support: Our in-app StaxChat gives you access to a nutrition coach at any time if you ever need help with anything. And our private Facebook group isn’t something to brush over either. With over 25,000+ people just like you helping each other, you'll find some amazing support in the community that is very close and active!

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