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What is Macrostax?
Is there more info on what's included in the app?
Is there more info on what's included in the app?

Discover what you have access to with a subscription.

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As soon as you sign up for your subscription you will have full access to the app! This includes:

  • Custom Macro Plans:  Our experts designed a customized macro plan based on your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, and goals. You will get macro targets for workout, rest and refeed days and you can even select when you will be working out to get pre- and post-workout targets! We also provide progressive phases for our Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Maintenance plans so you can continue to see progress over the long run.

  • Meal Building:  Macrostax offers a variety of different ways to help you build meals because we know everyone has different preferences. Our nutritionist-approved recipes have the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats so you can hit your macros day in and day out. If you prefer to input your own foods, you can use the database search or barcode scanner for access to over 1 million verified entries. You can also use our custom feature for specialty foods not found in the database or for your own recipes.

  • Food Database: We have the largest verified database on the market with almost 1 million foods including branded foods and restaurants that you can choose from to create your meals.

  • Nutrient Timing: We tell you exactly how much and when to eat to maximize your results and improve performance. This includes customized macro breakdowns for pre and post-workout nutrition, to ensure you are fueling and recovering your body the right way.

  • Progress Tracking: Input your measurements and body weight so you can see your progress unfold with our helpful progress graphs.

  • Coaching: We have bridged the gap between expensive one-on-one coaching and static templates. You have access to a personal nutrition coach to ask questions, help get you started, and hold you accountable. We know what it is like to be in your shoes and we want to help make this as easy for you as possible and achieve your goals!

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