You can use this by tapping anywhere you see Fill Macros: 

Next, you'll have the option to use Recipes or Foods to fit your macros! Let's go through what each of those mean: 

Anytime you see something you like, just tap Add To Food Log button to get it logged into your tracker for the day. If you need to edit it in any way, no problem! You can adjust the serving size amounts as needed, but the app as already done this for you by providing the exact amount of cooked food you need to measure out for your macros. You can also remove different foods from the meals and swap for another. 

Check out our tutorial video below!

StaxTip: If you have a favorite recipe, tap the heart so it will live in your Favorites! You can access your Favorite recipes at any time under the Recipes tab, and then the Favs in the top right.

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