In your daily Food Log, tap the Edit button to open up your daily activity settings.

You will be able to adjust if it's workout, rest or refeed day, and your macros will change accordingly.

  • Morning (Pre Workout Breakfast & Post Workout Snack)
  • Afternoon (Pre Workout Snack & Post Workout Lunch)
  • Evening (Pre Workout Lunch & Post Workout Snack)

StaxTip: Meal titles like "Snack" are arbitrary. People tend to think of snacks as smaller than typical meals. But at Macrostax, your post-workout meal should be the largest. 

As you select a workout time, the app will automatically re-allocate specific macros to your pre and post workout meals for optimum nutrient timing. While protein should remain spread evenly throughout the day, your carbs and fats will change. More carbs along with moderate protein before and after you workout will ensure that your muscles are properly fueled as well as recovered. The fats in these meals are minimal, since fats tend to slow down the absorption of glucose (carbs) in the body. We recommend eating 1-2 hours before your workout and 30 minutes after your workout. Pre-workout is broad due to how people handle digestion before they workout. Post workout is a critical time window for recovery purposes. Your other meals can be spaced out however you wish depending on your schedule. 

However, your other meals can be spaced out however you wish depending on your schedule. You don’t have to follow the pre and post workout meals exactly. They are just suggestions! If you workout multiple times a day, you can follow the guidelines mentioned above. If you workout early in the morning and prefer not to eat beforehand, that's fine too! As long as you are hitting your total macros per day the meal timing is secondary. 

Check out the below video on how to set up your plan in the app!

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